Our Professional Lawn Mowing Services

Professional Weekly/Bi-Weekly Mowing


Perfectly striped lawn.
We will “stripe” your lawn for that professional and perfect look.

LandCraft Lawn Care, LLC mowing services are completed by professionals who make sure your lawn is perfectly groomed every time your property is visited. Our mowers are light weight commercial grade that won’t tear up your yard. We sharpen our blades regularly to make sure your lawn is mowed with a sharp blade every time. This insures a clean-cut, and the grass blades are never torn or damaged when mowing. Routine mowing is very important when maintaining quality turf by discouraging weeds, keeping the grass at the proper height, and giving your lawn that perfectly “striped” look. Grass will be mowed at a height of between 3-4 inches. Mowing too low can cause heat and drought damage, and mowing too high can create an ideal environment for pests. That is why we monitor our mowing height regularly to insure the best quality cut for our customers. Contact us today for an estimate on mowing your lawn this summer.

We do not bag grass clippings, we use commercial grade mowers, that recycle the clippings back into the grass and help provide nutrients to the soil. With regular weekly mowing, bagging is not necessary. Bi-weekly services are offered, but we do not recommend this service, especially in the faster growing portion of the season (Spring and Fall). We also will not cut the grass shorter than industry accepted standards, which recommends only cutting 1/3 off the grass height each mowing.

Bi-weekly servicing lends itself to such problems and complaints as the following: thatch build-up, grass clumps, excessive grass clippings, grass lines or ridges which appear that we skipped while mowing, and the appearance of an uneven cut in the yard. Unfortunately, we will not be able to come back to correct these issues or guarantee these services as we do on our weekly service.


All lawn mowing services include professional trimming. We want your lawn to always look its best. We are properly trained so your lawn receives the professional care it deserves. We trim around all landscapes, fence lines, and trees on the property to equal the mowing height. This insures there are NO “burn” or “scorch” marks around fence lines, trees, and landscapes. This is very important for that unified, perfect look.


Professional edging is key to having a perfectly groomed lawn. This creates that perfectly straight edge around all sidewalks, and insures that no turf is damaged. We take pride in our quality mowing services and want you to enjoy your lawn as much as we do. Professional mowing is our staple, and we want your lawn to look its absolute best for you and your guests. We will maintain an existing edge for that perfect look. If you need us to create an edge, please inquire for an estimate.


After all mowing, trimming, and edging is complete we make sure to clean up and leave your property looking its best. We blow all grass clippings and debris off all pavement, porches, and sidewalks. We want you to enjoy your lawn and our services. Let LandCraft Lawn Care earn your business by providing you with the highest quality lawn care services, and superior customer care.

Benefits of LandCraft Lawn Care, LLC Mowing Your Lawn

Professional mowing results in a lawn to be proud of.
We want you to be just as proud of your lawn as we are.

The number one benefit of LandCraft Lawn Care, LLC mowing your lawn is peace of mind, knowing that your lawn is being cared for by the owner. Brent will provide your lawn with top quality care and make sure your lawn looks its best. The next best thing is that you don’t have to do any work. All lawns are neatly mowed, trimmed, and all pavement is blown off to keep your property neat and clean for you and your guests. Providing our customers with top quality customer service for their lawn and landscape is our priority. We want you to be just as proud of your lawn as we are. Let us earn your lawn care business with top-notch customer service, high quality lawn and landscape services, and a customized approach to caring for your lawn. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, and provide the best lawn and landscape services in Central Viriginia.

Other Services

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Spring and Fall Cleanup
  • Mulch Installation

*We will service your lawn the same day each week for consistency, weather permitting. We may adjust earlier or later in the week depending on forecasted weather. Residential & Commercial No contracts, we offer convenient credit card billing that is prepaid the day of service, if you prefer monthly billing you can pre-pay for as many months in advance as you like. We’re also glad to do one time jobs, such as when you go on vacation or just get too busy. We normally can fit those jobs in within 2-3 days of your request.

Proudly Serving the Counties of Chesterfield, Powhatan and Amelia, Virginia.

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What do I need to do in preparation for your weekly service?

Prior to your weekly lawn mowing service, we ask that you:

  1. clear your lawn of any toys, furniture, hoses or other items on scheduled days
  2. unlock any gates/access points
  3. please keep your children and pets inside